FTBD PRoductions

… our business is to create and catch „the moment“

PRofessional film-,  audio-,  stills- & event- PRoductions  from scratch

Our lifelong experience in these genres with projects in:
USA, Canada, Kenia, Tansania, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kasachstan, India, Kashmir, Pakistan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Maledives, Singapore, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Bulgaria, Russia, Norway, Croatia, Cech Republic, Italy, Spain, and many more European Countries, provided us with a „Network-Treasure“ that allows us to carry out the trickiest projects.

Services we can offer (in excerpts):
Conceptualisation, PRoject Management, Supervisor, EB-Teams, DoP, Operator, 1.AC ( „focus puller“), sound department tasks, drone-pilot, diver, truck- & forklift- driver, boat skipper, Runner with bikes, motorbikes, trucks and boats (of all driving-licence categories), stage hands, …

Broadcasters & Customers


#film PRoductions

PRoducer for ORF- music-video ARTIST „Sankil Jones“

1AC & Sound Department for Cinema Film: Franz Kafka „Beschreibung eines Kampfes“

PRoduction for Red Bull Media House series „The Wizard of Nairobi“

PRoduction for ORF „Frauenbilder- Gegenbilder“ nominated for the Franz-Grabner-Preis 2019 at the Diagonale

PRoduction for ORF „Mothers fighting Jihad“

PRoduction for ORF „Wiener Tradition 2.0“

PRoduction for ORF „Auf dem Weg ins Rampenlicht“

PRoduction for ORF „Out of Vienna“

PRoduction for ORF Newton „Die Perlentaucher von Stetten“

PRoduction for ORF „The Carsony Brothers – From Vienna to Las Vegas“

PRoduction & Camera for addendum „Was Strahlung genau ist, und wann wir uns vor ihr fürchten müssen“


#audio PRoductions

for Deborah Shaffer an Oscar-Award winning Direktor.

music, 2nd Unit Camera  & Sound Department for „From The Ashes Epilogue“  New York City

music for ORF series: „Sommerliebe“

music for ATV series: „Bauer sucht Frau“

PRoducer of „RAUSCHER FEAT. YIN“ (Rock Music)

PRoducer of „Hypno Therapy“ CD´s / audios

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#event PRoductions

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